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armstrong foils

Underground Surf are Armstrong Foil Experts with NZ's biggest and best-stocked range. If Armstrong make it we have it or have it on the way!

Free express shipping to Australia on Armstrong wings and wind wings and boards as part of a full combo package. We are happy to change mast size, fuse size, rear wing on any kit. Contact nick@undergroundsurf.co.nz or call Nick on 09 427 9552 for a tailored quote. Get 10% off your second wing as part of a combo.

Learn to foil: We offer private foil lessons behind a jetski and buyback programs to get you started. Lessons are free with any foil combo or Armstrong foil kit. Call Nick Humphreys on 09 427 9552 to book your lesson today. We also have full demo range including A Wind Wings, Boards and Foils. 

Armstrong Foils are created by Armie Armstrong right here in New Zealand. An Armstrong design is a no-compromise design. Through better engineering, perfect material selection, attention to detail in every aspect and meticulous manufacturing, each product is simply the best money can buy and will last longer and perform perfectly throughout its life.

For Armstrong size charts you can get more information from these links:

Check out the Armstrong Youtube Channel for a full range of the latest videos and great information.

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