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About Us


Underground was started in 1997 by Nick Humphreys from the back of a car boot.

After studying Marketing for 18 months he flagged his tertiary studies. Sick of doing assignments on bogus companies, he drew down his student loan money buying skate gear and printing tees. "I started with $3000, a wad of stickers and flyers, 10 tees friends had designed, 15 decks my brother and I imported from the USA and my homework desk".
Since then, Underground Skate has become US, specialising in Surf, Skate and Fashion.

Underground has always been about ‘our community’, hence the name US.
It represents us, the ‘jackass’ generation of young people who like to have fun, push the rules and enjoy our lives.

If you know what US stands for, then you are a part of US’.

Underground has stayed true to it's roots since it's inception with a consistent, and solid Skate range available at all times.

Being situated right next to the water in Orewa beach, just North of Auckland, it was inevitable for Underground to move into watersports and bring both Surf and SUP into the fold in recent years.
Since then Underground has contined to be owned and operated by a tight knit crew of passionate surfers and skaters who all share a true love for standing sideways.

With 2018 seeing US celebrating it's 21st year in the industry, you can be sure to get the best advice from a team of experts who have shredded it all and built a deep knowledge base in the process.

If you have questions, 'Contact US'!